RTI via Audioboo on your iPhone

AudioBoo tune into Radio Tatras International!

When you first start with AudioBoo, treat it the same as you would when you have a new radio fitted in your car. You know the new car radio will provide you with audio. However, you may need to make some changes to the factory settings to suit YOU.
AudioBoo is exactly the same as your older in-car system, you can listen to an amazing set of Boos as they pour into your iPhone. However, you can also personalise the application to suit you.

There are a number of ways to find your favourite shows, or Boos, using the AudioBoo iPhone app.
To find Boos local to you all you need to do is allow AudioBoo to input your location for you.
To activate this tap the small icon on the top right of the Screen and the drop down menu (right) will appear. Simply tap on NEARBY BOOS.
AudioBoo will then, with your permission, input your geographical location and then find Boos near to you.

The example shown on the left was taken in Poprad, Slovakia. Meaning our physical location was Poprad and AudioBoo found the Nearby Boos, in this case programming from Radio Tatras International.
However, you could do the same for anywhere from Lisbon to London, the choice is yours.
Returning to the image above, there are a number of other options for you to personalise your AudioBoo experience. Featured Boos are those chosen by AudioBoo for extra exposure, Popular Boos are those attracting many listeners, Recent Boos are shown in chronological order and there is a function called FOLLOWED BOOS. To activate followed Boos you will need to make a quick trip to http://www.audioboo.fm
Once at the AudioBoo site please take a moment to register, this will help you to personalise AudioBoo even more and links to our iPhone app.

RTI on AudioBoo

Once you have completed the simple, FREE, sign up to AudioBoo (which enables you to upload your own Boos) you can then search for your Favourite Boos.
In the search box, above, we entered the name Radio Tatras International. That gave us numerous matches.

By Clicking on the latest file we came to this screen – see FOLLOW bottom left
Now it’s just a simple click of the follow button and you are following your chosen station or Boos. In this case, pictured above is the host of RTI’s PostCard From Poprad, your account would now be following Postcard From Poprad. And now you have done this simultaneously for your iPhone AudioBoo application, check out the Followed Boos on your handset .

Congratulations, you have opened your account on AudioBoo and tuned into, for the first time, Radio Tatras International digitally on the move.